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Behind the Corp Doors: A Glimpse into Our Research Process!!

Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluation is a usability inspection method commonly used in user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design to assess the usability of your digital product, such as a website, software application, or mobile app.

Design Audit

Design Audits are comprehensive evaluations of your company’s design-related assets, processes, and strategies. A design audit is conducted to assess the effectiveness, consistency, and alignment of design elements with a company's goals and brand identity.

Usability Testing

Usability testing, commonly referred to as user experience (UX) testing, is a testing technique for evaluating how simple and user-friendly your product is. Usability testing offers a fair, precise, and direct scrutiny of your product or website’s user experience.

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research is a qualitative research method used to study and understand the social and cultural practices, behaviors, and perspectives of specific groups of people or communities.

UX Research

The goal of our UX research is to inform and improve the design of your products, services, or systems to create a better user experience. Our UX researchers help organizations like yours reduce the risk of building products that don't meet user needs and, ultimately, lead to improved user satisfaction and business success.

Quantitative Research

Numerous quantitative research techniques are available, and they support the discovery of various user data. Some techniques, like A/B testing, are often used on finished goods.


Design is the blueprint of visual communication

User Experience Design

UX design starts with a deep understanding of the target users. Our experts conduct research to learn about user needs, behaviors, and preferences. This research helps in creating products that meet the specific needs of the intended audience.

User Interface Design

User Interface (UI) design is a critical aspect of creating digital products and applications, such as websites, mobile apps, and software. We focus on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that enables users to interact with a product effectively and intuitively.

Interaction Design

Beyond functionality, our designers focus on creating emotional connections with your customers. Our experts strive to make products and systems easy to learn and use. This includes creating intuitive interfaces, providing clear feedback, and minimizing errors.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is user-centric. It involves understanding the needs and mental models of users to create information structures that align with their expectations and preferences.


With animated prototypes, we bring your ideas to life. Prototyping is a crucial phase in the product development and design process. It involves creating a preliminary, scaled-down version of a product or system to test and validate its functionality, design, and user experience before full-scale production or development begins.

Illustrations & Iconography

If the right emotions are produced during the initial 20 to 30 seconds of connection, a perception of a brand or app is established, and the deal is closed. Our designers connect with users with illustrations because they are effective visualizations.


Strategize. Execute. Triumph - Guiding the Journey to Success.

Design Thinking

Cloudin Corp, as a leading and devoted practitioner of design thinking, has a stake in this conversation—and a responsibility to contextualize its usefulness in the present and, more significantly, in the future.

Data Visualization

We ensure that your visualizations are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. We use alt text for images, provide data in alternative formats, and choose colour schemes that are friendly to colour-blind individuals.

Product Roadmap

The product roadmap we develop starts with a clear statement of the product's vision and strategy. This sets the context for all the planned activities. The document outlines the vision, goals, and planned features or enhancements for a product over a specific time frame.

Growth & Service

We develop a clear long-term vision and mission that align with your growth and service objectives. This vision can guide decision-making and inspire your team. We customize this strategy to your objectives and team composition, juggling between an advisor and an extra set of hands for implementation.

User Engagement

To remain competitive in today's digital market, you'll need to increase user engagement regardless of your product or service, whether it's a website, an app, or a video game. Optimize your User Engagement with Cloudin Corp.


In the World of Digitalization, We're the Architects of Success.

Web Applications

We offer complete web app development services that are specifically designed to address the special business problems you have. We have carved out a place in Web App Development by solving various project requirements with cutting-edge web technologies.

Mobile Applications

We are a top-notch App Development Company based in Coimbatore. It is now time for our team of app specialists to help you. In the past, we have worked with start-ups and big businesses to help them give shape to their ideas and provide in-depth market analysis to help them move forward.

Artificial Intelligence

We utilize methods built on well-informed choices to boost your output and take your company beyond your wildest dreams. Our customized digital age solutions like AI are designed to help you grow your company and establish your industry expertise.


Our ML and NLP services enable you to use machine learning algorithms to understand human language in your organization. Our service can assist you with automating customer service, sentiment analysis, and other language-related operations.

IT Consulting

Cloudin Corp, the best-in-class IT Consulting Company, works effortlessly to provide solutions in order to stand out from the crowd. We use both new and classic tactics to provide results that are rich in benefits.


Setting the standard through comprehensive testing.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a type of software testing in which our testing team manually executes test cases without the use of any automation tools or scripts. The main objective of manual testing is to make sure that a software application functions correctly and meets its requirements.

Automated Testing

Currently, software development companies cannot afford to sacrifice speed. They must deploy software and subsequent upgrades quickly and frequently if they want to remain competitive in a market that is always changing online. This is impossible to do only through manual testing. Automation testing is the only way to keep up with Agile development while thoroughly testing software for all potential problems.

Security Testing

Security testing is a crucial part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) that focuses on identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in a software application's design, implementation, or configuration that could be exploited by malicious actors. The primary goal of security testing is to ensure that a software system is resilient to various threats and can protect sensitive data and resources.

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Cloudin Corp is a stellar technology company. Design and Development of our new website were completed in a few short days and have improved customer acquisition.


CEO at Gazo

Cloudin Corp team has been fantastic to deal with. That I have found with the most personal and best service to match! Very happy with everything they have done for me and will be going back time and time again for their services.

360 Immerse

CEO at 360 Immerse

Cloudin Corp work was totally oriented for customer satisfaction and took lot of pains to do a spectacular website with all features.

Green Bound

CEO at Green Bound

Cloudin Corp is truly a top notch web design services firm. In addition to being very technology savvy including search engine optimization, the design team also has a very good sense for the visual appearance.

Accel Top

CEO at Accel Top

After having worked with multiple digital marketing and social media agencies, we have finally landed on a winner and hit a home run with Cloudin Corp Marketing.


CEO at Sparsh