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One-stop shop for managing all of your inventory operations.


Cloudin Corp fulfills all your business needs with our inventory product. We understand that managing inventory is not a simple task, here is where our inventory product helps businesses like yours handle inventory-related issues easily. Our product helps you streamline your inventory, and set re-order levels for every product or item.

Order Management

You can manage all your sales, and purchases, deal with invoices and bills, and track payments with the order management feature.

Warehouse & Stock room

This feature of Cloudin Corp inventory product helps you control your stock across all your warehouses or storehouses.

Barcode Scanning

Our barcode scanning feature is compatible with several barcode scanners to set up the barcode system easily and add SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), serial and batch numbers to your products.

Inventory tracking

You can now keep track of your products, saleable items, and even the expiry dates of the products with the help of our serial number and batch tracking feature.


Reports play a vital role in helping businesses make informed decisions about purchasing, pricing, stock aging, and managing their inventory effectively.
Connecting People, Maximizing Results.


Are you looking for a CRM with attendance tracking and employee performance? GB
Solutions’ workspace is what you need. There are two types of tracking available with our workspace - for tasks and projects, and for your employees – attendance tracking.
Enhance productivity and employee performance. Track time spent on tasks, and know how
long it takes to finish the projects, as you can help your employees become organized with
better time management.

Time Tracking

Time tracking shows how much time is spent on each task, and measures productivity and accountability.

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring can be used to increase efficacy and productivity at the workplace.

Time and Attendance

Effortlessly keep an eye on employee attendance with automated tracking.

Managing Jobs

Your project managers can now monitor the progress of several projects at the same time.

Time Management

With GB Solutions’ workspace CRM automates all your tasks and streamlines your planning.
Get Started With Greenbound

Gb Corp

Greenbound Business intelligence (BI) combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more data-driven decisions. business intelligence has evolved to include more processes and activities to help improve performance.

Data Mining

Using databases, statistics and machine learning to uncover trends in large datasets.


Sharing data analysis to stakeholders so they can draw conclusions and make decisions.

Performance Metrics and Bench Marking

Comparing current performance data to historical data to track performance against goals, typically using customized dashboards.

Descriptive Analytics

Using preliminary data analysis to find out what happened.


Asking the data specific questions, BI pulling the answers from the datasets.

Visual Analysis

Exploring data through visual storytelling to communicate insights on the fly and stay in the flow of analysis.

Data Visualization

Turning data analysis into visual representations such as charts, graphs, and histograms to more easily consume data.

Statistical Analysis

Taking the results from descriptive analytics and further exploring the data using statistics such as how this trend happened and why.

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